Take your professional service automation (PSA) tools to the next level. Do you have multiple tools for different business needs? Do the tools work together? Not using one or even sure what a PSA can do for you? PSA tools were developed to transform task juggling and tracking to an efficient and profitable process. Equilibrium is proud to offer connectmyPSA services. Click on a graphic below to learn more.










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Pete’s commitment to technology and solution selling coupled with his passion for the industry is unmatchable. Pete understands that to be successful selling to customers, you need to have as good or better relationships with his vendors. This makes Pete a very important ingredient to any Value Added Reseller who is looking for a professional who has touched every part of being a true reseller. I would recommend Pete to anyone who is looking to upgrade their sales, purchasing or general mangement

- John Marks

I attended a recent event where the head of Fortune 500 company commented that they hire on trustworthiness and integrity. Pete Busam comes to mind with those two words as well and having technical and leadership skills. It’s a pleasure to have worked with Pete in the past. He is a bonus to any organization he works with.

- Teresa Varela-Lauper – CompTIA

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