Why Equilibrium?

Equilibrium is a team of professionals that have the experience of participating in a variety of roles within organizations such as Solution Providers, Distribution and Manufacturers (OEM/ISV’s). This experience has enabled our team to be embedded in the processes, understand true value and turn these 20 years of combined experiences into programs that enable organizations to think differently than their competitors.
Benefits of our programs include

  • We understand today’s market and economic challenges due to our partnering on “all sides of the fence” approach – we are in business and must dynamically change just as our clients to meet today’s competitive market.
  • We can rapidly discover whether your current model is aligned to your business goals and help you gain a competitive advantage by ensuring that you have a strategy!
  • We can minimize your strategy costs through partnering and management commitment.
  • We can assist in driving corporate culture into an organization creating viral behavior through the entire organization
  • Equilibrium is focused on significantly increasing the financial strength and marketability of your products, services and organization.
  • WE are like no other firm because we focus on your organizations and the partnerships you want to form.

Our motto at Equilibrium is to “Find Balance in Everything We Do”, so our team must be balanced with work and community. These attributes allow us to aid in the contribution of a delivering on corporate responsibility within our own organization and set a model for others to follow.

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We engaged with Equilibrium to help us create a professional sales process. He worked with us to develop a system for opportunity management and provided sales coaching that was instrumental in contributing to a 40% growth in revenue for 2013. Equilibrium continues to be the team that we turn to when we have sales questions.

- Paul Blough, Owner BloughTech

One of the best IT Industry exec’s I knew. Pete is a dynamic individual who has both a keen intellect and superb instincts for the buisness. I regularly went to Pete to bounce ideas off of and always received thoughtful and insightful feedback. Few people in the industry net out a situation as fast and accurately as Pete. In addition, he builds longlasting relationships and is well connected in the industry. Net net is Pete’s a winner.

- Kevin Gilroy, Executive Vice President – Samsung Electronics

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