Holiday Safety Tips Protect your home and your wallet!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only synonymous with holiday shopping deals; they are also prone to identity theft and high risk of theft. It is important to remember these basic Christmas safety tips and ways for staying safe around the holidays while you are doing your holiday shopping in stores or online. While you might have your eyes set on snagging the next big deal in the store, burglars are looking for ways to break in while you are away and distracted from the home. Similarly, online thieves are out in full force ready to capitalize on the millions of online shoppers who are submitting their private credit card information. Whether you do your shopping online or in the stores, it is important to remember these basic Christmas safety tips to protect yourself against holiday season.

Christmas Safety Tips for Black Friday

While you are out standing in line for the stores to open at dawn or home late trying to scoop up every deal on Black Friday remember to keep in mind these basic Christmas safety tips.

  • Lock everything:This seems obvious, but more often than you would expect a burglar gets into a house just because something was left open or unlocked, especially with houseguests visiting who may not have keys.
  • Secure valuables:Never leave anything of value out in plain sight. If you have not already done so, now may be a good time to consider placing any jewelry, extra cash, or other valuables in a safe deposit box or even a secure hidden safe within the house. Nothing should ever be visible from any window and the master bedroom is the first room any intruder will check for valuables.
  • Control your social status:Though you might be tempted to broadcast to the world about how excited you are for your holiday travels or Black Friday shopping sprees, resist the urge to broadcast to the whole world that you are not going to be home. Many people cannot seem to wait to let everyone on Facebook or Twitter know that they are about to leave and this is a dangerous thing to share.
  • Leave the light on: Not the most eco-friendly advice, but the more it looks like someone is home, the less likely that someone will try to intrude on your home. Keep the lights on, the Christmas lights lit, and the television on. Anything to signal potential robbers that someone is home. The home automation and smartphone interactive management tools available from many security systems today allows for you to turn your off and on the lights throughout the day and night to keep up appearances that someone is home.
  • Activate your alarm system:Again, while it may seem obvious, your mind is distracted and you could be in a rush to get out the door. Do not forget to arm your security system – this simple step will go a long way to protect your home.

When in doubt, think like a robber. How would they get in? Does it look like someone is home? Where are your valuables? Use common sense, remember these easy home security tips, and ensure your possessions will be safe from harm while you are out doing your Christmas shopping, traveling, or partying.

Christmas Safety Tips for Cyber Monday

Ready to get a great online deal or get your credit card compromised. Approximately 7% of all United States adults have their personal identities stolen or otherwise misused and the average financial loss per person is around $3,500. Do not let this happen to you while doing your online Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday by investing in identity protection software. Trust us, it’s well worth it! You have insurance for your car, health, home so why not have it to protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft too. The cyber risks are growing daily and you have worked too hard to have your money and identity stolen.

There are several identity theft protection services available that range in their coverage of protection of your personal information. Whether you are looking for a service that will lock down every aspect of your life tighter than Fort Knox or whether you are looking for a service to protect your social security number, there are identity protection services to meet your needs. Look at reviews on the service and pick for the best to keep you safe, during the holidays and every day.

We wish you a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Automatically preserve your documents while you work in QuoteWerks!

Automatically preserve your documents while you work in QuoteWerks!

Power failure, computer crashes, and bad luck.  These are unfortunate circumstances that we live with in a technology age and cause us to lose countless hours each year.

In QuoteWerks v5.1, they added Auto-save to help reduce these issues.  The Auto-save will remind you to save your document the first time you add a contact or item to the quote or proposal.  Once you have saved your document the Auto-save will run silently in the background checking for changes to your document every two minutes.

QuoteWerks Autosave Dialog Box

If a change is found in your document, QuoteWerks will automatically save your work without interrupting what you are currently doing.  A notification will appear in the bottom right-hand of the Document Items tab each time the Auto-save detects a change and has saved the document.

QuoteWerks Autosave status

The Auto-save feature is automatically enabled in QuoteWerks, however it can be toggled on/off under the Tools-> My Preferences settings.  Each user has the option to enable or disable this feature.

QuoteWerks Setup Tab

For information on setting up or using the ConnectWise with QuoteWerks, call us at 856.552.1053 x1001

We are hiring for our marketing team!


Equilibrium Consulting needs a Marketing Balancer to help us conquer the IT marketing world!

Our Marketing Associate will  develop and support our clients in the Demand Generation and Marketing Management Services we provide.

To accomplish this, the Marketing Associate will work closely with the teammates and clients to plan and implement marketing campaigns, develop content, manage social media, and participate in any form of marketing or public relations to assist clients in company growth.

The Marketing Associate needs to have very strong written and verbal communication skills, be very organized, detail oriented, efficient, and reliable.

This is a full time position. Paid internship if properly qualified.

Get the full position posting by clicking here.

Want to apply send an email to or call Pete Busam at 856.553.1052 x1001

Sales and Marketing in a rebounding economy.

Let’s face facts: We are still in difficult economic times, although things are getting better, business owners and sales professionals have only two courses of action available to them:

Option 1. watch everything: cut costs, increase discounts and accept lower sales revenues and a shorter, smaller bottom line. Hunker down and hope that you will survive till good times come around again.

Option 2. Sharpen, refine and increase your prospecting and sales skills, and look for new opportunity.

I personally like Option 2!

While other business owners and sales professionals continue to tightening their belts, cutting costs, increasing discounts and accepting lower sales and lower sales revenue, opportunity is there for those who take action.

So what can you do?  Here are 5 things that you can do (and should always do – its just good practice)

1. Increase your sales skills.
Prospecting and selling are communication skills and like any communication skills they can be learned and improved upon. If you are not closing sales, it could be the economy; it could also be that your skills need sharpening. Great sales skills will enable you to take advantage of the opportunities that do exist. Great sales skills will enable you to close sales even during difficult times. Conversely, not having the skills will allow potential sales to slip through your fingers.

2. Increase the number of qualified prospects you reach directly.
Many companies, business owners and entrepreneurs cut costs by cutting out marketing and prospecting efforts. This is a huge mistake. While this is probably not the time to be spending large sums of money on brand new initiatives, it is imperative to continue low cost marketing and prospecting activities. Without prospecting, sales do not grow. Now that the economy is doing better, it is also recommended to step up some new activities.

One of the best, and least expensive sales/marketing activities you can initiate is to use the telephone and email. Call and email potential new customers to introduce yourself. Call existing customers to potentially sell more products/services, sell additional products/services and/or gather referrals. Calls to existing customers are also imperative because you especially want to increase customer loyalty.  We call it nurturing.

3. Make inroads on your competition’s customers.
When we rebound from a tough economy, pricing pressure from  customers will continue and  loyalty is shaky. This could be the perfect time to increase your market share by targeting your competition’s customers. Perhaps there is another product/service that you offer that your competition does not. Perhaps your offering is less expensive and/or adds value in a way that your competition does not. This is a great time to introduce yourself and your company/products/services to your competitions’ customers.

4. Find new applications and/or new markets for the products and services you represent.
Can your products/services be used in nontraditional ways? Are there other markets that are potentially in need of your products/services? This is the time to explore these new applications and markets. If you find that your traditional market is drying up… Look elsewhere.

5. Find new ways to help existing customers and potential customers.
The easiest sales to close are sales to existing customers. They already have a relationship with you. They know you and they trust you. Go back to your existing customers with new applications, add-on’s and improvements for your existing products/services. Find new ways to help. Your customers will respond.

The five tips above all have one thing in common: They require action. You cannot allow fear and anxiety  to paralyze you. Instead, focus on what you can accomplish and take steps to do so.

Equilibrium featured in Channel insider on HP’s Plan to Split Company

By Michael Vizard  |  Posted 2014-10-06

NEWS ANALYSIS: Time will tell how HP’s split into two companies will affect channel companies in the long run. But they should keep their options open.

With the planned dissolution of Hewlett-Packard into two separate companies, there is now more uncertainty in the HP channel than ever. While it will probably be business as usual for at least the next year or more in terms of individual customer transactions, the fact that the HP PC and printer group and the enterprise systems group will become separate companies in about a year raises a whole range of new possibilities.

For example, the two new companies—Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.—could, in theory, wind up being acquired separately. In fact, HP has already reportedly engaged in off-and-on merger and acquisition discussions with EMC over the past year, while at the same time discussing the possibility of acquiring the VMware unit of EMC. At the other end of the spectrum, either company could be acquired by venture capitalists and taken private.

Meg Whitman, who will serve as CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, said it will take a year to divest the two companies. Dion Weisler, currently head of the HP printer unit, will be the new CEO of HP Inc.

– See more at: HP Plan to Split Company

Telemarketing Comes of Age: How to Create and Deploy a 5X More Effective Multi-Touch Strategy


Peter Busam, Equilibrium Consulting, Chad Burmeister, VP Sales & Marketing, ConnectAndSell, and James Townsend, Sr. Director Customer Success, ConnectAndSell will reveal what’s changed in the past few years where Sellers have become trusted advisors by moving from pure cold calling and telemarketing to a “multi-touch” approach to generating interest in products and services. It’s no longer about a one and done phone call and meeting created (although it’s nice when it happens), it’s more about creating trust (and value) with a prospective client through a prescribed set of steps that a Sales Professional can easily follow and adhere to.

Who is this webinar for?

CEOs, VP’s of Sales, VP’s & Directors of Inside Sales, CMOs, Lead Gen Management, and anyone who is tasked with creating, nurturing, converting, or following up on leads to drive revenue!

Thursday, September 4th at 10am PST/1pm EST


busam burmeister townsend

Peter Busam

Equilibrium Consulting

Chad Burmeister

VP Sales & Marketing, ConnectAndSell

James Townsend

Sr Director of Customer Success, ConnectAndSell

Pete Busam is founder and owner of Equilibrium Consulting, LLC. From creating a $6 million commercial IT services business from scratch in two years to directing a major reorganization creating a substantial presence in the Delaware Valley. Pete has been published in Entrepreneur magazine, the Professional Insurance magazine, CRN/VarBusiness, the Philadelphia Business Journal, the American Express Women’s Leadership Exchange, Wall Street Journal and many other IT industry leading periodicals. Pete has been recognized by CRN Magazine, and most recently the MSPMentor 250 Executives list. He was a member of the HP\Microsoft Council and many other industry advisory councils. Chad Burmeister is Vice President Sales & Marketing at ConnectAndSell. Chad was voted Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals 5 years in a row – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Business professionals describe Chad as “high energy”, “high integrity” and Chad has “an extremely high ability to execute”. Chad has an MBA in Computer Information Sciences from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Chad has built high velocity sales teams at companies including Cisco-WebEx, Riverbed Technology, and ON24, as well as an outsourcing Telesales business called James Townsend is passionate about helping sales organizations achieve outstanding results using ConnectAndSell. A former ConnectAndSell customer himself, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the organization. His recipe for customer success is rather simple – just like conversations, relationships matter. Once you get the relationship right, everything else is mechanics. He thrives on maximizing the value ConnectAndSell can deliver to our clients by leveraging his insight and experience to embed ConnectAndSell seamlessly into organizational workflows. He also contributes to ConnectAndSell product development through his extensive, SaaS focused, technology leadership experience.

Create Your Own shortened URL for collateral

A custom shortened link is great for building a personal or business brand, as readers know exactly where it will lead when they see it shared on social networks. With these  easy steps, you can customize short links for your site and share branded URLs across the web using Bitly.

First, you need to have a domain, which most that read this blog have.  If you don’t There are a number of services you can use to find an available URL, but the most convenient for finding a short URL is Domainr. If you type in the word you want to include in your short URL, this site will provide the different ways you might assemble it with a variety of domains. It also lets you know which of these options is available for purchase.

Second, you need to create a account.  If you don’t already have one, it is free to sign up. With the free account, you’ll be able to set up your customized short URL and view statistics on the customized short links that you create. You’ll need to verify your e-mail address before you can create a custom short domain.

Third, share your shortened URL!

Now that all of your virtual wires are connected, any URLs from your long domain can be shortened, provided that you are logged into your account. This set up will not customize links to your site that others are sharing.  When you reach those 17 million uniques per month, let us know, and we’ll show you how to get that rolling.

February’s One Word – Intentionality

In December, we began our discussion on One Word.  A word that you could use to define your actions in everything you do.  Each month we will write about another word that you could pick to help provide a change in your business or personal culture.

When defined the word alone stirs the imagination – The power of minds to be about, to represent, or to stand for, things, properties and states of affairs

Growth and Intentionality

So what is your plan for Personal and Professional Growth?  Can you grow Professionally if you are not growing Personally?  Do you have a plan to be better?  How do you get better at what you do?  How do you gain insight?  overcome obstacles? work harder? work longer or just wait for things to get better.

it all starts with an Assumption.  When we are small children, our bodies grow as does our mind – it is a natural progression, an automatic pilot.  We just expect each year that we will be bigger gain coordination, and grow our knowledge – we simply just get better.  The problem is that we don’t improve just because we grow, we have to be intentional about it.

“A time comes… when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be” – Bruce Springsteen.

Making my own interpretation on Bruce Springsteen’s quote is easy.  No one improves by accident – so personal growth does not insure we are improving till we take full control of our path.  For example at some point we decide what we want to be when we grow up, we choose a vocation and then go to college to improve/grow in that vocation.  Nobody does it for you – you must be intentional with your desired growth!

We decide to go to college because we hit a point in our growth that stunted us which we define as the Knowledge Gap.  This is where you ask for the first time, “Do I have a growth plan”, you start asking everyone you know what they are going to do and if they have a plan.  The result typically is that they are at the same point as you are, so where do you turn other than just good old hard work?  The school of hard knocks?  Difficult experiences certainly allow us to grow but not at the rate we are capable if we put a life plan or business plan together.  So when is the right time to begin?

I heard a riddle and think it is relevant – there are five frogs on a log, four of them jump off.  How many are left?

I bet you answered one!  The answer is five – there is a difference between deciding and doing!

Think of today’s world if people had done what they intended to do.  Most are just not equipped to act as quickly on things for a variety of things.  The find themselves victims of diminishing intent.  The law of diminishing intent says “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.” 

So are you starting to get the hint?  If you don’t plan or find methods to grow with a plan, you will stunt your growth and no longer be intentional.  You have to start somewhere and not be afraid of making mistakes, after all we grow in difficult situations and most likely don’t make the same mistake (or at least as severe as our first encounter).  Don’t fall into the trap of motivation either – it is a trap, just do it!

The next part we find ourselves embroiled in is comparing ourselves to others (personally and professionally).  This is easily cured.  Find leaders that are above your current growth, don’t be intimidated by them as they were once in your shoes.  Learn from them by listening and watching their actions.  The best place to do this is to be part of a Peer Group.

So finally we get to delivering on expectations.  Every year we make a New Years resolution that we know we won’t keep.  Why is that?  Because we don’t have a plan, we are not intentional – so pick one word that can help you define you and move you to grow by inserting it in your everyday walk. re evaluate that word and choose a new one to grow with every year.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can changer your direction overnight” Jim Rohn

It all starts with preparation, add a little attitude, sprinkle a little opportunity, execution and you have INTENTIONALITY!

Ready to make the transition to intentional growth?  If so here are a few steps

1. Ask the big question now

  • Where do you want to go in life?
  • What direction to you want to go?
  • What’s the furthest your imagination will let you go?

2. Do It now!  Yeah there is risk, but learn and grow from it!

3. Face the Fear Ahead

  • Failure
  • Trading Security for Unknown
  • Overextended Financially
  • What others will say or think
  • Success will alienate peers or friends

Which fear impacts you, personally I have experience each one along my growth path – but failure and risk are great lessons and should be viewed as such.

4. Change from Accidental to Intentional

Accidental Intentional
Plan to start tomorrow Start Today
Wait for Growth Take Responsibility to Grow
Depends on Luck Relies on Hard Work
Relies on Talent Relies on Character
Plays it Safe Takes Risk
Talks Big Follows Through
Falls into Bad Habits Fights for Good Habits
Quits Early and Often Perservers Constantly
Victim Learner
Stunts Growth Never Stops Growing


If you want to reach your potential, you must do much more than  just experience life and hope you learn along the way.  You must go out of your way and size the opportunity to grow – Your future depends on it.

This thought process of personal growth will help you become a better person, gain wisdom and potentially a good/great leader.

Life is now in session – Be INTENTIONAL








Pete is one of the top operations oriented solution provider executives in the country. He has managed and grew a solution provider business from small shop to big shop overseeing everything from sales and marketing to solutions implementation to customer care and return on investment (ROI) verification. You would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgable executive in terms of technology and vendor relationships.Managing inside and outside. Detail oriented. Personable with a talent for building long and fruitful relationships in every aspect of the business

- Steven Burke, UBM Editor

Pete’s commitment to technology and solution selling coupled with his passion for the industry is unmatchable. Pete understands that to be successful selling to customers, you need to have as good or better relationships with his vendors. This makes Pete a very important ingredient to any Value Added Reseller who is looking for a professional who has touched every part of being a true reseller. I would recommend Pete to anyone who is looking to upgrade their sales, purchasing or general mangement

- John Marks

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